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Welcome to sco's FF2j Facility. This is just a website dedicated to Final Fantasy 2, a.k.a. FF2j. It's not an official site, just a fansite. I started it as sort of a hobby, but it's turned into something more now. I've used Notepad to code everything on the site. It's the best tool ever. Gotta stick with the basics, strong basics make a good foundation. It's worked with everything so far.
But hopefully I can get the site out and bring it to the "big time". FF2j isn't the most popular of the Final Fantasy series, but I find it to be a great "oldschool" RPG with many unique features that let it shine.
I decided to put up a site for FF2j for a number of reasons:
  1. there is almost zero FF2j websites anywhere. There's a couple floating around somewhere... I think.
  2. to learn some coding 'n stuff. I always wondered how this stuff worked, and well, I figured some of it out...
  3. I like the game, duh. While I generally like FF1 more, FF2j is a great game, plus, there is already a kicka$$ site on FF1. I picked up FF2j after getting my first PC, and it brought back some good times, and saved me from some boring days during the summer.