Game Basics

Stat Boosting 101

Welcome to Stat Boosting 101. Here I'll simply break down how each stat is gained in FF2. I'm assuming you know what the stats are, so let's get on with it.

MaxHP - lose a lot of HP in a battle, and end with low HP
MaxMP - lose a lot of MP in a battle, and end with low MP
STR - attack a lot; decreases from excessive White Magic use
AGL - battle with high Evasion
**Equip armor that has low EVA% penalties, and shields
**Most weapons increase EVA%, which is why dual-wielding can work
**Thanks to silktail for the info.
VIT - lose a lot of HP during the battle; decreases from Black Magic use
INT - cast many Black Magic spells; decreases from attacking a lot
SOUL - cast many White Magic spells
M.PWR - lose a lot of MP during a fight
EVA - fight enemies with high attack counts
**Only increases Evasion Count, not base percentage
M.DEF - fight enemies who cast high level spells
**Only increases M. DEF Count, not base percentage