Game Basics

Shields, AGL, Evasion, and You

Often times, discussions are had, and questions are asked about various topics of FF2. One such topic could be about defense and evasion, but one question that stands out, is: How do you raise Agility?, or something similar. Whether you're a vet to the game, or someone passing through on a quest to conquer all FF's, these are subjects that are not only linked, but also key to success.

First, to answer the question about raising Agility: you do it by having a high Evasion. I'm sure some of you are thinking 'WTF? The book says it's increased by being a target of physical attacks!' Guess what. THEY LIED. All you need is to have a high Evasion. Now to explain the link: your Evasion is based on your Agility, and among other things, such as your weapons, armor, and Shields.

Most weapons and all Shields will boost your Evasion, while most armor will decrease it. Shields give it a bigger boost, which is why it seems(and is) that your AGL increases more with a Shield equipped. Other tips to consider are using weapons that offer a high EVA%, such as the Main Gauche and Defender. Also, it may be neccessary to equip 'ligher' armor. I wouldn't worry to much about your total DEF, as Evasion is way better.