Game Basics


In most FFs, DEF is your primary defensive stat. Just pile on all the chunky armor you can and you're set. FF2 though, is a little different. At the beginning, DEF may be good to focus on, but once a lot of hard-hitting enemies start getting multiple hits, you'd be better to focus on EVA(there's a reason why BLINK is one of the best spells). DEF is still important, and good to have, but EVA is better.

It's been said that the best defense for an attack is to simply not be there. EVA does just that, it helps you avoid the enemies' attack. You can stand there(in your chunky armor), and try to mitigate the damage, but if you avoid the attack, you suffer no damage all together. Unlike many other games, EVA works really well in FF2. Plus, having a high EVA helps to raise AGL, which gives you more EVA.

Enemies near the end-game can easily 'break' through the DEF of normal armor. Unless your fully decked out in the Genji gear, if you have low EVA%, then chances are, you're gonna suffer some major damage. Also, much of the heavy armor, and many gloves, cripple your ability to cast spells, so there is another plus in wearing lighter armor.