Game Basics

Permanent Status Ailments

Condition Description Cure
poison Poison Slowly damages HP every 'round'
if not cured, damages victim every step
Esuna Lv1+
blind Blind Lowers a character's Hit% Eyedrops
Esuna Lv1+
curse Curse Reduces the effectiveness of the victim's attacks and magic Cross
Esuna Lv2+
amnesia Amnesia The character forgets his/her spells and cannot use them Mallet
Esuna Lv3+
toad Toad Victim cannot fight well, or cast spells
Condition similar to K.O.
Maiden's Kiss
Esuna Lv4+
stone Stone Victim is turned into stone and cannot act until cured. Condition similar to K.O. Gold Needle
Esuna Lv5+
k.o. K.O./Dead When HP reaches 0, the character cannot act until revived. If all characters are in this condition, then GAME OVER MAN Phoenix Down
Life Lv1+