Boss Strategy

Astaroth (#127)

Use the Masamune to cast HASTE11.
HP - 7000 MP - 540
ATK - 150 HIT% - 8-100%
DEF - 180 EVA% - 1-80%
M.DEF - 8-70%

Astaroth guards the Ribbon, and he really doesn't want you to have it. Some people have trouble with Astaroth because of his physical attack. It has the drain property, which means the damage is based on your HP, and your DEF doesn't mean much.

Astaroth resists fire, ice, and thunder. His DEF is high, so cast BERSERK and HASTE on your fighters. Cast BLINK on your party to help avoid his physical attack, if it connects, not only will it hurt, but he'll restore his HP too. On top of smashing your party, Astaroth can use FIRE, POISON, DRAIN, BLIND, and DOOM, all level 16. You may find him easier if he uses spells though. If you're feeling bold, try BLIND, CURSE, or an instant-death spell. They can work.