Boss Strategy

Beelzebub (#126)

Beelzebub likes to paralyze characters.
HP - 5000 MP - 450
ATK - 150 HIT% - 8-100%
DEF - 180 EVA% - 1-80%
M.DEF - 8-70%

Guarding the Genji Armor is Beelzebub. He is resistant to ICE, and the FIRE spell heals him. This leaves open a variety of spells to attack him with, however, he does have high M.DEF, so don't rely on status ailments or instant-death spells, unless they're high.

Beelzebub loves to use STUN to paralyze characters. Also, if your HP is low, he can K.O. a character in one shot with FLARE16.
Buff your attacks with BERSERK+HASTE to add damage, and hit through is DEF. If Beelzebub manages to cast BLINK16, you may have trouble hitting him. In that case, FLARE and HOLY work good, and BOLT or POISON can be useful too. Get your spells to at least lvl.7 to be of any use. Of course, more is better.