Boss Strategy

Behemoth (#118)

Use spells to weaken the beast.
HP - 1620 MP - 0
ATK - 85 HIT% - 3-95%
DEF - 50 EVA% - 1-40%
M.DEF - 4-50%

The Behemoth plans on smash your entire party one by one. Knowing this, you can turn this simple strategy against it. Don't underestimate the beast though, because it's good at smashing stuff. Use SAFE+BLINK if you need to.

Use CURSE and BLIND on the Behemoth to seriously weaken it's attack. It has a decent M.DEF, so remember, you can equip and use weapons like the Ancient Sword and Shade Bow to cause these effects. STOP can come in handy provided you've built it up.
The Behemoth has no weakness, so once you've crippled it's attack, just knock it around for awhile. Or Nuke it, it's up to you.