Boss Strategy

Chimera (#35)

This gets annoying...
HP - 640 MP - 80
ATK - 60 HIT% - 4-75%
DEF - 50 EVA% - 1-50%
M.DEF - 3-50%

Usually, you'll encounter a group of 2-4 Chimeras. If the entire group uses BLAZE(and they love to use BLAZE), the damage can add up quick. If you picked up the Ice Shield, equip it to reduce the damage. Try CURSE, BLIND, SAFE, and BLINK to weaken the Chimeras physical attacks.

Take the Chimeras down one by one. They don't have an elemental weakness, so attacking is the better option here. Unless your attacks don't damage the Chimeras, you shouldn't need attack spells. Save your MP to keep up your HP, and/or buff the party.