Boss Strategy

Emperor (#85)

Use them to your advantage.
HP - 1290 MP - 190
ATK - 70 HIT% - 6-80%
DEF - 50 EVA% - 1-65%
M.DEF - 4-40%

The Emperor is the smartest boss in the entire game. Not only does he make you fight a few fights beforehand, he also won't fight you without some cronies. The Wood Golem is a heavy hitter, and can put you to sleep, and the two guards can poison you.

The Emperor has a nice array of spells. One of his favorites is HASTE. If he casts that on his troops, especially the Wood Golem, they'll cause a lot of damage.
Status Ailments work greak here. You can use all those lame items too: Backstabber, Slumber Stalk, Hourglass, etc. You can stop his casting with FOG or SILENCE, or you could just kill the Emperor with an instant-death spell. Once you take out his troops, the Emperor himself is no threat at all.