Boss Strategy

Emperor (#128)

Counter SLOW with HASTE.
HP - 10000 MP - 540
ATK - 180 HIT% - 8-100%
DEF - 210 EVA% - 1-80%
M.DEF - 16-70%

Here he is, the final boss. The Emperor wants to destroy everything that exists, starting with you. And believe me, he has a few attacks that can do just that. His favorite spells are METEO and FLARE. METEO attacks the party for about 250 HP, and FLARE hits one ally for about 700 HP.

Be cautious of his physical attack, it has the drain property, which means your total DEF doesn't mean squat. SAFE won't help you here. Cast BLINK to help you avoid at least some of the hits. The Emperor uses BLIND, CURSE, and SLOW to destroy your offensive powers. Equip items that resist Body and Mind elementals, or be prepared to counter these ailments. His DISPEL won't work on the NES version, but in the others, it will reduce your elemental defenses, so beware.