Boss Strategy

Fire Gigas (#115)

He isn't all that scary...
HP - 1800 MP - 240
ATK - 100 HIT% - 6-95%
DEF - 100 EVA% - 1-40%
M.DEF - 4-50%

Just when you thought you've seen it all, the tiny little black mage transforms into a huge, fearsome Fire Gigas. Don't worry too much though, if you've got a decently leveled ICE, this battle should be a breeze.

Just blast this oaf with ICE, and slap 'im around a little. He should die in a round or two. If you don't have ICE, then you're an idiot. No, seriously now, if you don't have it, just follow the same strategy as with the Barrel Worm. The Fire Gigas isn't as tough, but he does have a couple of tricks up his sleeve, like FIRE16, but you should be okay. Just watch your HP and pick him apart.