Boss Strategy

Gottos (#33)

Lower HIT% with the BLIND spell.
HP - 2000 MP - 80
ATK - 70 HIT% - 6-90%
DEF - 60 EVA% - 1-65%
M.DEF - 5-40%

Gottos isn't that bad, but he has a high Hit Count and ATK, so if you let him use HASTE and BERSERK to buff his attack, he can cause some damage. BLINK+BLIND will help all those attacks miss you.

You can buff your own attacks if you've found the BERSERK spell. Gottos has no special weakness, so just lay into him with heavy hits. Watch your weaker characters' HP and keep them protected. However, if you've got BLINK+BLIND goin' on, or have cursed Gottos, you should have nothing to fear.