Boss Strategy

Lamia Queen (#113)

It's no use on the NES version.
HP - 1290 MP - 370
ATK - 50 HIT% - 8-95%
DEF - 50 EVA% - 2-75%
M.DEF - 7-40%

This is a more serious fight. Your main objective in this one is to win ASAP(assuming you aren't rediculously overpowered). The Lamia Queen can cast BLINK16, causing some of your attacks to miss. Also, her physical attack causes sleep.

She loves to use CHARM, which confuses an ally. Hopefully you'll have a Lvl.6 BASUNA ready. A Unicorn Horn won't work on the NES version because you can't target allies with it. Bummer, yeah.
Attacking is the best strategy here, the Lamia Queen has no weakness. With her high M.DEF, ailment spells aren't too reliable, either. Use a Sage's Wisdom to give your Black Magic more kick if you need to.