Boss Strategy

Shrieker a.k.a. Red Soul (#80)

All magic heals the Red Soul.

HP - 540 MP - 30
ATK - 35 HIT% - 1-80%
DEF - 40 EVA% - 1-60%
M.DEF - 4-40%

This guy can cause problems if you're caught off guard. First and foremost, make sure your party is healed before fighting the RedSoul. All the RedSoul does is cast Lvl.8 spells on your party until it runs out of MP, then it simply attacks.

The overall strategy to beat this guy is simple: press the FIGHT button. Easy enough, yeah? The reason is because all elemental spells heal the RedSoul, which is almost every spell. Your only option is to attack. Hopefully, your ATK will be somewhere around 40 or higher, if not, then you won't be able to break through it's DEF, unless you land a Critical Hit. Good luck with that. If you wind up in a drawn-out battle, weaken it's attacks with the Ancient Sword, and/or BLINK+SAFE.