Boss Strategy

Thunder Gigas (#117)

I think ROCK is the ultimate attack...
HP - 2500 MP - 370
ATK - 150 HIT% - 8-95%
DEF - 150 EVA% - 1-60%
M.DEF - 4-50%

Now the Thunder Gigas can be a tad difficult. First, he's stronger than the other two idiots. Second, your party may be worn out from traveling alllllllllll the way up the tower. Regardless, he's in your way, and you've gotta move him outta your way.

Hopefully you've got and have been building up POISON. That's his weakness. If you don't have it, you can use the Spellbinder staff for a chance to cast POISON16. Beware, though, the target from the staff is random.
Use BLINK and SAFE to mitigate some of his physical damage. If you have BERSERK and HASTE, cast them on your fighters to enhance thier attack. If you're feeling bold, go for an instant-death kill.