Boss Strategy

Tiamat (#125)

Tiamat is weak against BLIND...
HP - 5000 MP - 450
ATK - 150 HIT% - 8-100%
DEF - 180 EVA% - 1-80%
M.DEF - 8-70%

Tiamat guards the Genji Helm. He absorbs fire, ice, thunder, and poison, so if you want to attack him with spells, they'd better be FLARE, HOLY, or ULTIMA. Tiamat has high stats, so as you could imagine, he can be a little tough to takedown.

Tiamat does have a weakness to the Body element, so spells like BLIND, SLOW, and STUN work very well. Use BLIND and SLOW to pretty much eliminate his physical attack. Even if you manage to do so, Tiamat can still use his four elemental attacks on your party, but they only cause a little damage. If you've got STUN built up even a little, you can paralyze him over and over and over again, until you land the final blow. Use BERSERK and HASTE to give your attacks some extra 'oomph'.