Boss Strategy

Zombie Borghen (#47)

Just smack him in the face.
HP - 2500 MP - 370
ATK - 120 HIT% - 6-95%
DEF - 120 EVA% - 1-60%
M.DEF - 10-100%

Well, well, well, looks who's back. It's Borghen, except this time, he's a zombie. No need for a shotgun, just a heavy dose of FIRE. Since Borghen is undead, the Healing Staff does wonders for this fight. Use it.

Borghen's stats aren't staggering, but he has returned a lot tougher, especially with his his M.DEF. Also, Zombie Borghen has FLARE16, which can cause around 600+ damage, so beware. He still shouldn't give you too much trouble, just smack 'im in the face like last time. I really wouldn't worry about buffs/debuffs, just set him on fire and watch the joker burn.