FF2 Info.

FF2 was developed in 1988 on the Famicom(Old Nintendo, or Family Computer in Japan). There was a project to release FF2 to the US in 1990, and a pre-released, prototype version of FF2 was created. However, the project was cancelled in order to release FF4, a more expedient move for Nintendo.
Final Fantasy 2 was not released in the US until 2003. Final Fantasy 4 was released in the US as Final Fantasy 2 on the Super Nintendo, but only because it was the second Final Fantasy to be released in the US.

FF2 was remade in 2001 on the Wonderswan Color(WSC), a hand-held system similar to a gameboy. Then in 2002, FF2 was remade on the Playstation(PS1) along with FF1 as Final Fantasy Origins, and was official released to the US in 2003. Then FF1 and FF2 found thier way to the Gameboy Advance(GBA) as Final Fantay: Dawn of Souls in 2004.

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