Lionheart is Maria's brother, and Frioniel's best friend. He also looks like a blue FF1 Fighter, which means he must be bad-a$$. In fact, he is a weapons expert, so you don't want to f^*! with him.
Behind Lionheart's coolness, however, lies an evil secret...

As a great White Wizard, Ming-Wu starts with a bunch of nifty spells. For the first couple of dungeons, he "babysits" the party.
Ming-Wu is from Mysidia, and uses his magical powers to assist the rebellion in stopping the Emperor.

The mayor of Salamand, a monk, and a grumpy man. Joseph doesn't trust many people, and you'll have to work to earn his faith.
Despite this, Joseph is loyal, and will do whatever it takes to stop the Emperor and protect his people.