About Thanks History


Square - makers of the game; what the site is based on
Emulator Peeps - FCEUltra, NESticle, WSCamp, Cygne, couldn't play the ROM without these
Neo Demiforce - for translating the NES ROM
RPGOne - translated the WSC ROM (based off Neo Demiforce's translation)
Jade - got a lot of info. from this hacking utility
Wikipedia/lostlevels.org - lots of info. about prototype and FF2 in general
MS Paint, and Paint.NET - great programs for ripping, and free too!
Easy Graphic Converter - excellent(free) image converter from EtruSoft
Notepad - THE ultimate text editor, what everything on the site was coded with
W3schools.com - where I learned html, javascript, etc.
FileZilla - better, free, FTP utility
CoolText - okay, I admit it, I used this for the "Main Menu" .gif at the entrance
GifWorks/Trout'sGIFoptimizer - help cutting image file size down
VirtualNSF - let me convert NSF files to .wav
Neill Corlett - made PSFs, and Highly Expermental plug-in for Win-Amp
Audacity - used this to chop up and convert those .wav files into .mp3 files
Zophar's Domain - best place to find a lot of utilities